Further development of the port of Rauma continues with the start of phases 2 and 3 of Petäjäs investements

Illustration picture of Petäjäs phases 2 and 3 at the end of 2019

Port of Rauma Ltd. will begin works to execute Petäjäs phases 2 and 3. The project includes mining and filling of water areas. The works begin in May and will be completed in the fall of 2019. At the completion of the project, there will be approximately 9 hectares of new yard area for storage use.

The new area will enable the full use of the newly completed container terminal investment, which was taken into use in February. This will allow the usage of the full capacity of the new berth. The new area also allows discussion on new projects and customers.

The estimated cost for the project is approx. 12,5 million euros, which includes in addition to the actual construction work also handling of the spoiled land masses as well as the works for electrification, lighting, noise cancellation and landscaping.

” This investment is consequent for the newly completed investments of the dredged channel and container terminal expansion”, states Hannu Asumalahti, the managing director of Port of Rauma Ltd. “Interest towards the new areas has been great and at the moment there is either a lease agreement, a preliminary agreement or a reservation for every single square meter being built.”

Contract agreement has been signed together with Työyhteenliittymä (consortium) Petäjäs on Fri 27.4.2018. The consortium consists of Vilppulan Kivijaloste Oy, Maanrakennus Mikko Tiensuu Oy and Kaivinkoneurakointi Lönnqvist Oy.

Additional information:
Hannu Asumalahti, Managing Director, Port of Rauma Ltd.

+358 (0)50 303 9700

Kari Mäkipää, Managing Director, Vilppulan Kivijaloste Oy

+358 (0)500 633 540