To heavy traffic

Safety induction

Safety induction provides comprehensive instructions for arrival in the port area, and for safe moving and working in the port. Everybody working in or visiting the port area should complete the safety induction to ensure the safety of themselves as well as others. The safety induction takes about 10 minutes and can be completed also using the customer computer terminal in the lobby of the Main Gate building.

Access permit

To access the port area, an access permit is required; these are issued by Port of Rauma and companies authorised by Port of Rauma. Visitors need to obtain the access permit from their host company.

Every person wishing to access the port shall provide identification at request and give the reason for visiting the port. Entrance to the port area without a valid reason is forbidden.  The port of Rauma uses a decentralised access monitoring system, i.e. companies operating in the port area are responsible for the updating of access permit data in the access monitoring system. The holder of an access permit is personally responsible for the permit. The access permit can be rejected or cancelled on either temporary or permanent basis due to e.g. permit abuse, or violation of safety, speed or parking regulations. 

For vehicles, an access permit based on the licence number is needed both when driving into the port and out of the port. Vehicles with no access permit are guided by the traffic lights with a green arrow to the left for reporting at the Main Gate Info to obtain an access permit. 

Visitors with no access permit are asked to call the host company for an access permit. If the company refuses to provide the permit, access to the port area is denied, as every visitor to the port shall have the access permit and a host, who assumes responsibility for the visit. If the company agrees to receive the visitor and asks the Gate personnel to provide the permit, a specific fee is charged from the host company for the permit. Entering the port through the gates without an access permit is against the law. Visitors without access permits are reprimanded, and if necessary, reported to the authorities.

Protective equipment

All persons working and moving in the cargo handling and storage areas of the port of Rauma shall wear high-visibility, CE marked safety clothing (Government Decree 633/2004) as well as safety footwear and a helmet (CE EN 397). A helmet is not required inside work machines and vehicles. 

Arriving in the port

At the Main Gate the vehicle is identified by the license plate. You can facilitate identification by making sure your licence plate is clean, and in the winter, not covered by snow. If access to the port area fails even after cleaning the licence plate, drive to the parking area of the Main Gate and contact the Gate Info point.

Road traffic in the port

Speed limits. The speed limit is 40 km/h on Hakunintie Road, 30 km/h in gate and quay areas, and 20 km/h in the container terminal. Regular traffic rules and signs apply in the port area. Violations of traffic rules result in a caution, and possibly temporary or permanent cancellation of the access permit.

Beware of railway crossings. There are three railway crossings equipped with semi-barriers and several other rail crossings without any warning equipment. Be careful – trains will not give way!

In the quay area, keep to the middle of the lanes and avoid going near doors or warehouse corners. Also stay outside the unloading and loading areas near ships. The work areas between loading or unloading ships and the warehouses are reserved exclusively for stevedoring activities. All unnecessary traffic is forbidden in these areas. When moving from one part of the port to another, the traffic routes in the background areas should be primarily used instead of quay areas, unless specifically necessary for the performance of work duties.

Dangerous goods

When cargoes falling within the scope of the IMDG Code are transported through Port of Rauma, an advance inquiry or an advance notice of the cargo shall be submitted.

Advance inquiry

For shipments of IMDG Code Class 1, sub-classes 1.1 - 1.3 and 1.5, as well as Class 7, an advance inquiry shall always be submitted to Port of Rauma for permission to transport these through the port area. The advance inquiry obligation applies also to all other classes, if the weight of the shipment exceeds 100 000 kg. The advance inquiry shall indicate: the proper name, the UN number, the IMDG Class and the amount of the material, as well as contact information for the forwarder. 

Advance notice

An advance notice shall be submitted for all shipments governed by the IMDG Code that arrive in the port of Rauma. The advance notice is to be submitted at least 24 hours before the goods arrive in the port area.

Remember in the port

  1. Follow traffic rules.
  2. Observe your environment.
  3. Avoid walking in the port area.
  4. Do not walk while talking on your mobile.
  5. Beware of level crossings and railway lines.
  6. Operators of work machines may not be able to see you – always give way!
  7. Report any risks and incidents you detect to the Main Gate Info, tel. +358 (0) 2 837 1000.
  8. In an emergency:
    call 112 and
    the Main Gate Info, tel. +358 (0) 2 837 1000.
  9. Obey speed limits: max. speed on Hakunintie Road 40 km/h, in container terminal 20 km/h, in other areas 30 km/h.
  10. Do not drive or walk outside indicated routes, which are also marked in the port area map.
  11. When moving from one part of the port to another, the traffic routes in the background areas should be primarily used instead of quay areas, unless specifically necessary for the performance of work duties.
  12. The work areas between loading or unloading ships and the warehouses are reserved exclusively for stevedoring activities and all other traffic is forbidden in these areas. 
  13. Exercise special care near doors and door openings as well as at the corners of buildings.
  14. Unnecessary moving in unloading and loading areas is forbidden.
  15. Check the weight of the load from the documents. If you suspect the weight is too large, weigh the load on the weighbridge of the Port of Rauma at the Main Gate (pay the weighbridge charge in the Main Gate control room) and contact your client.
  16. Clean your vehicle and trailer before driving to the port area. Sort trash and waste into appropriate waste containers. The driver is responsible for the use of a locking device or wedges in the loading areas. Vehicle repairs are not permitted in the port area.


Photographing within the port area is only allowed with the permission of Port of Rauma. Please contact Esa Vuori, Harbour Master and Port Security Officer,, tel. +358 (0)50 303 9704.