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Speed Oy, which specializes in container transport, opened an office in the Port of Rauma six months ago. For Rauma, the company was attracted by the development of the port and the further increase in traffic.

-We have been driving containers through Rauma for more than 20 years and now it was high time to settle here more permanently. The growth in demand during this half year has really surprised us positively, says Speed Oy’s Managing Director Tuomo Vallas.

The Port of Rauma is the company’s fourth office alongside Helsinki, Kotka and Hollola. Customer service on site has increased the interest of Speed Oy’s customers in container transport via Rauma.

-Our customers are globally operating logistics companies, the world’s largest container shipping companies and freight forwarders, with whom we have had transport contracts for 27 years.

Tuomo Vallas, who has worked with ports for more than 30 years, believes that the pace will only accelerate in Rauma and volumes will continue to grow.

-The Port of Rauma has invested resolutely and thus created a great operating environment for the area. The port’s container traffic has grown by 50 percent over the past 10 years.

There is a good team spirit in the port

Satu Laine, who started in Speed Oy’s Rauma office in March, praises the port’s community spirit.

-We have been very well received, the people are helpful and we immediately felt part of the community. We cooperate a lot within the port gates, among other things, in marketing and security issues.

In addition to customer service work, the current Satu Laine from Rauma, who was born in Eura, acts as Speed Oy’s contact person and marketer in Satakunta.

As a leader in environmental matters

Speed Oy has been strongly involved in research and development work towards cleaner and more efficient modes of transport. According to Tuomo Vallas, environmental issues are strongly reflected in the company’s investment program.

-There is a change in our entire industry towards a greener future and we want to be one of the leaders. Thanks to eco-trucks, we have achieved savings of more than 40% on greenhouse gas emissions in 5 years. At the beginning of next year, we will have more than 20 of our own Eco trucks.

Speed Oy is a privately owned transport professional founded in 1992. The company’s business is the transport of sea containers and transports are made from all Finnish container ports.

The project to expand the Rauma port field facilities in Ulko-Petäjäs continues. Phases 2 and 3 of the expansion area have just been completed and the next phase 4 will start in early October. The contract for the Petäjäs 4 project has been signed with Terramare Oy.

-In the spring of 2016, we launched a major investment, a fairway deepening and a container terminal, which included the Petäjäs Phase 1, which was completed two years ago, and Phases 2 and 3 are now ready to be handed over to users. Petäjäs 4, which will start now, will be completed in the summer of 2021, says Hannu Asumalahti, CEO of Rauman Satama Oy.

-Stages 2 and 3 were carried out by the Workers’ Consortium Petäjäs, which consisted of Vilppulan Kivijaloste Oy, Kaivinkoneurakointi Juha Lönnqvist Oy and Maanrakennus Mikko Tiensuu Oy. The contract began in the spring of 2018 and was completed within the original schedule and with a cost estimate of 12.5 million, which we are very pleased about, Asumalahti states.

Civil engineering works account for about 16 million

Petäjäs 4 will bring about six hectares of the required additional field to the port.

-The extension will be needed, as the previous phases have already been fully leased. The port had a long season without extensions and now consistently all the additional facilities have been leased quickly. There has also already been demand for Phase 4, Asumalahti confirms.

According to Asumalahti, the new field space will bring completely new activities to the port area and thereby increase jobs and activity in the Rauma region. The total cost estimate of the project is approximately EUR 18.5 million, of which the contract to be started now will account for approximately EUR 16 million.

-The contract concerns civil engineering works and the overall assessment also includes the treatment of contaminated dredging spoil and paving and lighting works. The backfill area will have to be built from imported quarry, which will extend the contract time and is a large cost item.

According to Hannu Tomper, CEO of Terramare Oy, the Petäjäs 4 contract is important for Terramare Oy and just right for versatile equipment.

-We will start mobilizing the equipment at the beginning of October and we will use our dredger Kahmari 2 and four of our towed cargo vessels for dredging. Quarry backfilling is done in collaboration with local contractors. We strive to ensure that the disruption caused by dredging and quarrying is kept to a minimum for port operations. Terramare’s operating principle is to do what is promised, to get fit and work together at the same time.

MEDLOG S.A. is a logistics services subsidiary of the Swiss MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., which operates in more than 70 countries and employs about 8,000 people. MSC Logistics Oy is a Finnish subsidiary of Medlog.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. is a privately held, global family business that employs nearly 80,000 people in 155 countries and 500 locations. MSC’s 520 ships call at 500 different ports and the company is the world’s second largest liner shipping company. Rauma depot is Medlog’s first depot to be established in Finland.

The Medlog area is located in the newly completed expansion area in Petäjäks. We warmly welcome the new operator to the Port of Rauma.

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We are happy to report that in this autumn’s customer satisfaction survey, 85 percent of the respondents would warmly recommend the Port of Rauma. As many as 60 percent consider the Port of Rauma to be one of the best or best in terms of operating methods. According to our customers, the development has been positive, as compared to the corresponding survey in 2017, the results have continued to improve. Our warm thanks to all the respondents, together we will move forward.

The Customer Satisfaction of the Port of Rauma was surveyed in September 2019 and the last time in 2017. The aim of the surveys has been to collect customer feedback for the development of operations, to find out customer satisfaction and to find areas for development. The target group consists of the port’s customers and this year the response rate was 50%.

The surveys have been conducted by telephone interviews with Innolink, a member of the Finnish Market Research Association and SFS ISO 20252 certified.


According to the results, customer orientation is one of the most successful factors. Other very successful ones are the versatility of the port’s services, environmental friendliness, efficiency, ease of access and permitting practices, notification of exceptional situations, and the willingness and ability of staff to solve problem situations. Measured by the gap analysis – which includes the importance of things to the respondent – almost all factors have improved compared to the previous study.


Em. measured by gap analysis, the most demanding factors are emergency communication and operational efficiency. More information is hoped for, but improvements in information have been noted, which is commendable. In relation to expectations, the web pages have improved the most. Peace at work is also desired, as well as restrictions on car traffic.


The forwarding of the Port of Rauma has been observed. A quarter of the respondents estimated that the port had clearly improved, compared to 11% previously. The explanatory memorandum mentions the reforms carried out, the work done for development, the investments and the enlargements.

Respondents were asked in particular about the effects of the expansion of the recently completed container terminal and pier, the dredging of the fairway and the crane investment. Praise was given to better ship connections, assistance with special transports, the ease of transportation brought by the additional space in the container port, the smoothness of the service and larger ships. The 4th expansion phase of Petäjäis was believed to bring more different options and capacity growth to the provision of services. Of course, investments have not had an impact on everyone’s operations.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank all our customers who responded to the survey. It is good to continue the operation and development of the Port of Rauma together.

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Towards the end of the year, two very large bulk carriers, BW Matsuyama and Stonington Eagle, visited the Port of Rauma.

BW Matsuyama is the largest cargo ship ever to visit Rauma, with a net tonnage of 27,444 t and a length of 229 m.

The Stonington Eagle is also a large cargo ship with a net tonnage of 21,224 t and a length of 200 m. From Rauma, the Stonington Eagle headed for grain cargo via Sweden to the United States.

For logistics operators and students, the handbook serves as an excellent source of information on various topics related to port-related logistics. The handbook also serves as a professional business card and information package on Rauma’s flexible logistics services. With the help of the Port Manual, we can take the message to the world about Rauma’s wide offer together. We hope you take advantage of the diverse handbook to suit your needs.

Browse the port manual here. We will be happy to mail additional copies of the port manual to your company’s needs. orders:

Useful moments with the port manual!

I’m Mika Juhani Numminen, 51-year-old Master of Laws, Master of Laws. The city of Rauma as a lawyer I have been in business since 2011. The port was already familiar to me already and where the managing director of the place opened, it seemed interesting to apply for the service of the Port of Rauma.

In the summer we stay in our cottages and sail with my family, in the winter my hobbies include skiing and downhill skiing. Fitness sports, forestry work and choral singing are also part of my free time.

The goal for me is to develop my own expertise in the port industry as an administrative director so that both parties benefit as much as possible. As well as contributing my own work to the port to grow and prosper.

Have a nice spring!

Mikajuhani Numminen

+358 50 303 9705

On April 16, 2020, the Zero Accident Forum has issued occupational safety level ratings for member workplaces that have invested in the continuous improvement of occupational safety. Rauman Satama Oy reached the Top of the World level like 28 other member jobs.

By Tuesday, April 21, 2020, Rauman Satama Oy had accumulated a whopping 2,466 days without accidents at work. The port’s goal is to be the safest port in Finland, and this achievement is a big step towards a larger goal.

Rauman Satama Oy’s certified occupational health and safety system ISO 45001 integrates occupational safety issues into the organisation’s own operations, and low-threshold safety observations and close-up notifications made by personnel are an important part of everyday safety.

Rauman Satama Oy’s Annual Report 2019 has been published. Visit to read here.
We may, if you wish, mail you an annual report,

Metsä Fibre Oy, a company in Metsä Group, has taken the decision to build the world’s most modern sawmill in Rauma. The total value of the investment is approximately 200 million euros. Construction work will start in the spring of 2020.
The sawmill is to be built in a logistically excellent location that facilitates efficient integration with the pulp mill and smooth logistics of the sawn goods to customers via the port of Rauma.
Port of Rauma is to invest more than 50 million euros to meet the future needs of sawn timber traffic. Some of the investments have already been completed, some are under construction and the last expansion area with quays is scheduled to be ready in 2025.
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