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The lighting systems in the port of Rauma have undergone a systematic replacement with LED fixtures since 2017. Lighting control has been developed alongside the replacement project, utilising the already previously acquired C2 Smartlight system which allows fixture-specific control. The move to led technology brings about 30% energy savings in port lighting.
“The system has been developed in collaboration with Smartlight Oy and Satamatieto Oy to incorporate a function that provides information to the lighting system on whether there is a vessel on a specific quay. When the quay is occupied by a vessel, lighting is adjusted to meet the requirements of the berth in question, while a lower lighting level is used for empty berths. This provides even more savings in energy consumption, in addition to those obtained through led technology. The functional tests of the system are about to start in the near future, and full-scale use will be possible in the autumn as we enter the darker season”, concludes Timo Metsäkallas who is the Technical Director for Port of Rauma.

The current stage of the ongoing Petäjäs 4 construction project, implemented by contract winner Terramare Oy, is visible to the outside by a continuous outer embankment. This makes it possible to proceed with the works through the summer without interruptions, in accordance with the permit conditions.
“Work has progress well and on schedule, with about 60% of the required rock fill already in place. The rock fill will be completed in the autumn, followed by the compaction of the field before the construction of the final surface layers and the required infrastructure”, explains Terramare Oy’s Site Manager Markku Pöyhönen.”The completion of this area will complete the entire  Petäjäs expansion project covered by the previously obtained permits”, says Timo Metsäkallas who is the Technical Director for Port of Rauma.

Port of Rauma achieved an incredible 2500 days without occupational injuries mark on 27 May 2020. Iisakki Heino, the health and safety representative for Port of Rauma, is proud of the personnel of the entire Group and commented on the achievement as follows:
“We have followed an extremely high standard of diligence throughout these years. We have proactively identified risks and everybody wears appropriate personal protective equipment. Common rules have minimised risks and our work methods and practices have been well thought out. Health and safety violations are taken seriously, which has helped eliminate them.
The employees make their own suggestions for improvements in day-to-day work, with the encouragement of the employer. Occupational safety comes from each and everyone of us and it is easy to conclude that every employee can, with good reason, be pleased with their own attitude towards health and safety issues.”