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CB EfficientFlow

Tuesday   15.12.2020

The port application developed for Port of Rauma in the CB EfficientFlow project is soon about to be expanded into a national system. The CB EfficientFlow project that will be wound up in November 2020 produced a port application that will next be further developed by Vessel Traffic Services Finland Oy (VTS Finland) and Unikie Oy in a continuation project designed to make the application available to all Finnish ports in the future.

The objective of the almost three-year long CB EfficientFlow project was to promote vessel traffic management, with improvements especially in the exchange of information between different port operators. The EfficientFlow project has been carried out in partnership between Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Port or Rauma and Port of Gävle, Swedish Maritime Administration, and VTS Finland.

“The port application will be available to all Finnish ports and they can choose to either integrate time data directly in their own systems or to use the actual port application. The ports can also develop new features, important to their own operations, for the application together with Unikie, for example. The application comes pre-integrated with external key sources of information so that the ports will only have to implement local integration tasks, if any are required.  Accessibility for different ports is managed through access rights, which also makes it possible for operators active in multiple ports, such as pilot services, to select the port on which they currently need data and only bring information or notifications related to those ports up on their mobile devices, for example. The first new port to join the users of the port application is going to be Port of Kokkola. As part of the extensive digitalisation project that Port of Kokkola has been working on for quite some time, the port application will provide good support to operations control for the development of a tactical traffic image”, explains Project Manager Olli Soininen as background to the next steps.