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Customer satisfaction survey: The operations of the Port of Rauma are growing and developing

Thursday   19.03.2020

At the turn of the year, Rauman Satama Oy and the port operator Euroports Rauma Oy carried out a customer satisfaction survey, the aim of which was to find out the satisfaction of customer companies operating in the port and to receive feedback for developing operations. The previous study was conducted in 2015.

The overall rating of the study for both the Port of Rauma and Euroports for Rauma was 3.8 / 5. The ratings were almost the same as three years ago, but one in two respondents felt that the port’s operations had improved.

Ups and downs

According to the respondents, the Port of Rauma and Euroports were the most successful in terms of access and licensing practices, as well as occupational safety, which were at a good level. Of Euroports’ services, vehicle unloading and loading was estimated to have developed the most. Of the port company’s services, waste management was estimated to have developed the most. Information and environmental friendliness also received good marks. According to the study, the port’s services are constantly being used more than before and they are also perceived as more relevant. This is also reflected in the fact that respondents evaluate services more critically than in the past. Indeed, the results showed small dips across the board compared to the previous study. Of the respondent groups, especially those working in operational work, they were satisfied with the port’s operations. Although the figures from the previous study were not quite reached, the success of the port was assessed as good at all the points examined.

Better than average port

As a whole, the respondents consider the Port of Rauma to be better or at least average than the average level. They also believed that their operations in the port would continue to grow, especially after the commissioning of the new container terminal and pier. Expectations of the quality of operations in the future are also positive. Respondents express development wishes primarily for facilities and services. Customer-oriented service and flexibility in problem-solving situations were especially valued. Satisfaction with the port’s operations was reflected in the readiness to recommend – with the exception of three, all respondents would be ready to recommend the port of Rauma to their colleagues.

Even better in the future

The increased volume of traffic in the port and the use of services have naturally put pressure on the port staff. Overall, however, the port has fared well – also in the opinion of customers. The shortcomings are now known and will be addressed in the future. The goal is to maintain a good level of service and customer confidence and to continue to consider Rauma as one of Finland’s leading ports.