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Great feedback from our customers

Thursday   28.05.2020

We are happy to report that in this autumn’s customer satisfaction survey, 85 percent of the respondents would warmly recommend the Port of Rauma. As many as 60 percent consider the Port of Rauma to be one of the best or best in terms of operating methods. According to our customers, the development has been positive, as compared to the corresponding survey in 2017, the results have continued to improve. Our warm thanks to all the respondents, together we will move forward.

The Customer Satisfaction of the Port of Rauma was surveyed in September 2019 and the last time in 2017. The aim of the surveys has been to collect customer feedback for the development of operations, to find out customer satisfaction and to find areas for development. The target group consists of the port’s customers and this year the response rate was 50%.

The surveys have been conducted by telephone interviews with Innolink, a member of the Finnish Market Research Association and SFS ISO 20252 certified.


According to the results, customer orientation is one of the most successful factors. Other very successful ones are the versatility of the port’s services, environmental friendliness, efficiency, ease of access and permitting practices, notification of exceptional situations, and the willingness and ability of staff to solve problem situations. Measured by the gap analysis – which includes the importance of things to the respondent – almost all factors have improved compared to the previous study.


Em. measured by gap analysis, the most demanding factors are emergency communication and operational efficiency. More information is hoped for, but improvements in information have been noted, which is commendable. In relation to expectations, the web pages have improved the most. Peace at work is also desired, as well as restrictions on car traffic.


The forwarding of the Port of Rauma has been observed. A quarter of the respondents estimated that the port had clearly improved, compared to 11% previously. The explanatory memorandum mentions the reforms carried out, the work done for development, the investments and the enlargements.

Respondents were asked in particular about the effects of the expansion of the recently completed container terminal and pier, the dredging of the fairway and the crane investment. Praise was given to better ship connections, assistance with special transports, the ease of transportation brought by the additional space in the container port, the smoothness of the service and larger ships. The 4th expansion phase of Petäjäis was believed to bring more different options and capacity growth to the provision of services. Of course, investments have not had an impact on everyone’s operations.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank all our customers who responded to the survey. It is good to continue the operation and development of the Port of Rauma together.

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