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To access the port area, an access permit is required for the automatic access monitoring system. You can find general instructions regarding access permits here. For more specific instructions, use the links in the menu to the left.

The access permit is to be requested from the company hosting the visit. People wishing to access the port area must be able to present an ID and provide a reason for their visit upon request.

If the host of your visit has any problems with issuing an access permit, please contact the Main Gate Info where you can obtain a one-time access permit.

The holder of an access permit is personally responsible for the permit and for any passengers riding in the same vehicle. The access permit must not be handed over to anybody else and holders of an access permit access the Port area under the responsibility of the host company.

Visits to vessels may only be authorised after the vessel has docked and visitors have to be able to indicate the person they are going to visit. The vessel must provide the Main Gate Info a list of crew members and a guest list.


To access the port area, an access permit issued by the Port of Rauma and companies authorised by the Port of Rauma is required. Every person wishing to access the port shall provide identification at request and give the reason for visiting the port. Entrance to the port area without a valid reason is forbidden.  The port of Rauma uses a decentralised access monitoring system, i.e. companies operating in the port area are responsible for the updating of access permit data in the access monitoring system. The holder of an access permit is personally responsible for the permit. The access permit can be rejected or cancelled on either temporary or permanent basis due to e.g. permit abuse, or violation of safety, speed or parking regulations. 


The port area can be accessed through three different gates; the Main Gate on Hakunintie Road as well as separate gates to the chemical and oil quays.

At the Main Gate the vehicle is identified by the license plate, and to access the port area you need an access permit and a clean license plate. Pedestrians and cyclists can use the pedestrian gate, which is opened with a small, key-ring size access permit tag.

The gates to the oil and chemical quays operate with a separate access permit tag, which visitors can obtain from their host company. For users with a valid access permit, these gates can be opened under remote control from the Main Gate. Contact the Main Gate Info with the gate phones or your own telephone, at +358 44 7934 700. Driving to the oil and chemical quays is forbidden when vessels are docked for loading or unloading.