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    Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Port of Rauma, such as:


    1. Where can I obtain an access permit to the port area? To access the port area, an access permit is required; these are issued by Port of Rauma and companies authorised by Port of Rauma. Every person wishing to access the port shall provide identification at request and give the reason for visiting the port. Entrance to the port area without a valid reason is forbidden.  The port of Rauma uses a decentralised access monitoring system, i.e. companies operating in the port area are responsible for the updating of access permit data in the access monitoring system. So please contact your host company to obtain the access permit.
    2. Our company/school would like to organise an excursion to the port of Rauma. How can we arrange such a visit? The port is a closed area and cannot be visited without an access permit. Please contact the Port Office, tel. +358 (0)2 83711.
    3. What personal protective equipment is required in the port of Rauma?All persons working and moving in the cargo handling and storage areas of the port of Rauma shall wear high-visibility, CE marked safety clothing (Government Decree 633/2004) as well as safety footwear and a helmet (CE EN 397). A helmet is not required inside work machines and vehicles. 
    4. What is the speed limit in the port? The speed limit is 40 km/h on Hakunintie Road, 30 km/h in gate and quay areas, and 20 km/h in the container terminal. Regular traffic rules and signs apply in the port area.


    1. I wish to visit a vessel about to arrive in the port of Rauma. How will I know when and at which quay the vessel will arrive? How can I access the vessel and where can I park my car? 
      Information on vessel arrivals can be found in the List of vessels. You can also contact the traffic supervisors, tel. +358 (0)500 597 579 or the access control, tel. +358 (0)2 837 1000, for more information. You will need an access permit for the visit, cf. the reply above. The vessel must already have docked and you need to be able to indicate the person you wish to visit. The vessel also has to send the crew list and a list of visitors to the main gate. Permitted parking spaces for passenger vehicles in the quay areas are shown in this map.
    2. I will arrive in the port onboard a vessel. Can I visit the town centre on foot?
      Rauma town centre is about three kilometres from the port.
    3. Where can I find the vessel charges? Or cargo charges?
      The vessel charge is based on net tonnage as well as time of mooring or unmooring. More detailed information is provided in Service charges, under Item 4 Vessel charges and berthing. Cargo charges are based on the gross weight of the cargo, unless otherwise specified in the list of service charges. The content of the shipped cargo also affects the cargo charge. 


    1. How can I book a berth/mooring for yachts in Rauma?
      Instructions can be found at


    1. I have ordered from abroad a container and a work machine, which will be shipped to the port of Rauma. Who can I contact for more information? The port operator is in charge of the unloading of cargo from the vessel. You can contact the local port operator in Rauma, Euroports Rauma Ltd.
    2. I would like to ship goods abroad in a container, who can I contact for more information?The local port operator in Rauma, Euroports Rauma Ltd, will be happy to answer any enquiries about shipment of goods. The services provided by the port operator cover cargo handling, warehouse facilities, forwarding, shipowners’ services, international shipments and customs terminal services.


    1. What are the opening hours of the Seamen’s Club, and where is it located? The Seamen’s Club in the port of Rauma is open Mondays to Fridays from 18.00 till 22.00. More information can be obtained by email from  The Seamen’s Club is located in the yard area of the Port of Rauma, on Isohakunintie Road.
    2. Why is the word port written sometimes with a capital letter and sometimes with a lower-case letter in the name of the port of Rauma? When written with a lower-case letter, the port of Rauma, we refer to the whole port area, while the use of a capital P refers to the company Port of Rauma.

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