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Rauman Satama Oy is applying for a permit for the expansion of the harbor basin and a new berth in the Petäjäsk harbor area

Friday   19.07.2019

Rauman Satama Oy has decided to launch a permitting process for future needs to expand the harbor basin and build a new berth on the western edge of the Petäjäs expansion area. “According to the port company’s experience, permit processes can take years, so preparations for expansion projects must be made in good time,” says Hannu Asumalahti, CEO of Rauman Satama Oy. “Such a large investment cannot be made in the reserve, but requires a large amount of new port traffic.” The dredging work on the Rauma fairway to a 12-meter access depth and the related extension work on the container terminal were completed in 2017-18. In the autumn of 2018, Rauman Satama Oy has determined where it would be cheapest to build a 12-meter-long harbor pool and berths. Based on the study, it is most advantageous to carry out the expansion of the harbor basin and the construction of the quay on the west side of the harbor part of Ulko-Petäjäs. The total costs of the harbor pool and pier are approximately EUR 20 million. EUR. “The port also has experience in deepening old berths. Unfortunately, the experiences are not very positive, because the work is technically very demanding and expensive, ”Asumalahti continues.