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Rauman satama oy’s new administrative manager introduces

Thursday   28.05.2020

I’m Mika Juhani Numminen, 51-year-old Master of Laws, Master of Laws. The city of Rauma as a lawyer I have been in business since 2011. The port was already familiar to me already and where the managing director of the place opened, it seemed interesting to apply for the service of the Port of Rauma.

In the summer we stay in our cottages and sail with my family, in the winter my hobbies include skiing and downhill skiing. Fitness sports, forestry work and choral singing are also part of my free time.

The goal for me is to develop my own expertise in the port industry as an administrative director so that both parties benefit as much as possible. As well as contributing my own work to the port to grow and prosper.

Have a nice spring!

Mikajuhani Numminen

+358 50 303 9705