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The development of the Port of Rauma will continue with the launch of Phases 2 and 3 of Petäjäs

Friday   19.04.2019

Rauman Satama Oy will start work to implement stages 2 and 3 of Petäjäskis. Rock is being mined and water areas are being filled in the port part of Petäjäis. Work will begin in May and be completed in the fall of 2019. Upon completion of the investment, 9 hectares of new field space for storage use will be available.

The new completed field areas will enable the full utilization of the berth capacity of the container terminal, which was commissioned in February this year. The extra space also allows for discussions about new projects and customer relationships. The cost estimate for the field investment to be implemented is approximately EUR 12.5 million, which, in addition to the actual construction contract, includes the treatment of contaminated soils and electrification, lighting, noise abatement and landscaping work in the area. “The investment, which is now starting, is a consistent extension of the recently completed dredging of the fairway and the expansion of the container terminal,” says Hannu Asumalahti, CEO of Rauman Satama Oy. “There has been a lot of interest in the new areas being completed and there is currently either a lease, a pre-agreement or a reservation for every square meter being completed.” The contract was signed with the Workers’ Consortium Petäjän on Friday, April 27, 2018. The consortium includes Vilppulan Kivijaloste Oy, Maanrakennus Mikko Tiensuu Oy and Kaivinkoneurakointi Lönnqvist Oy. For more information: Hannu Asumalahti, President and CEO, Rauman Satama Oy +358 (0) 50 303 9700 Kari Mäkipää, President and CEO, Vilppulan Kivijaloste Oy +358 (0) 500 633 540