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The key was approved by the settlement proposal in the ports labor dispute

Sunday   19.05.2019

Key Employers Avainta ry has accepted the settlement proposal submitted by mediator Jukka Ahtela on 9 February in a labor dispute concerning five ports. Therefore, 12.2. Concerning the ports of Oulu, Kokkola, Rauma, Naantali and Turku. the threat of strike announced at 6 a.m. is canceled. The solution created through mediation is heavy. Had the strike started, the effects on the export industry and the economic situation would have been very strong from the very beginning of the strike. The strike, with its support measures, would have extended to the entire port area immediately and spread widely, threatening to continue the production of the export industry in less than a week from its launch. – As a result of this solution, the employer’s costs increase significantly compared to the general contract level. Depending on the cost structure of an individual port, wage costs will increase by 10-15% due to the solution. The average monthly earnings of the groups of employees covered by the agreement are currently approximately EUR 4,200. In addition, changes related to working time arrangements cause significant operational rigidity compared to the past. These structural changes, together with wage increases, could raise the cost level of ports by about 25% for the activities covered by the agreement. However, we had to estimate that when the strike began and, above all, when the strike lasted, the effects on the export industry and the national economy would have been exceptionally severe, says Vesa Laine, CEO of Aainintyönantajat AVAINTA ry. Additional Information: CEO Vesa Laine, Key Employers KEY, ry, +358 50 524 9551 Managing Director Marko Mykkänen, Port of Oulu Ltd, +358 44 703 2750 President and CEO Torbjörn Witting, Kokkolan Satama Oy, +358 40 511 9595 President and CEO Hannu Asumalahti, Rauman Satama Oy, +358 50 303 9700 President and CEO Pasi Haarala, Satant Oy, 044 023 4644 President and CEO Christian Ramberg, Port of Turku Ltd, +358 50 553 3100 Rauman Satama Oy’s task is to serve the business community by offering up-to-date and competitive port services to all the port’s customers so that the transport chain for the port operates effortlessly and efficiently. Satama’s task is also to create conditions for the location of business operations in the Rauma economic area. The port company’s most important task is to develop the Port of Rauma and create operating conditions for the port’s various operations. Measures to support this goal include raising the profile of the port, building and maintaining port infrastructure, leasing land and water areas, controlling port traffic, public authority tasks and maintaining port security. Rauman Satama Oy is a subsidiary of the City of Rauma, which has about 30 employees.