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The Port of Rauma’s website The best of the ports in the comprehensive network of northern European ports, third in the overall assessment

Sunday   19.05.2019

Finnish and British port authorities dominated the Top 20 list in a website evaluation carried out at the end of 2018. The evaluation is part of the HAZARD project of the EU’s Baltic Sea Region Interreg program, led by the University of Turku. The three-year project, worth about 4 m €, will end in April.

The websites of the main port authorities in Northern Europe were evaluated for their content and usability at the end of 2018. The evaluation covered 97 port authorities managing a total of 116 ports.

The core network ports of the EU Transport Network (TEN-T) north of Le Havre, including the British Isles, as well as the so-called ports in the comprehensive network in the Baltic Sea region with an annual traffic volume of more than 2 million tonnes of cargo or more than one million passengers. The list was supplemented by important Norwegian ports and Russian ports in the Baltic Sea region.

The evaluation focused on the English language content of the port authorities’ websites in general and the security issues communicated there, as well as the usability and quality of the sites.

Main Categories 1. Content and 2. Usability were sorted into seven groups. They focused in detail on the security of passenger and cargo operations, port features, and the usability and technical performance of the website. A total of 280 details related to content, usability and website quality were evaluated by at least two different people.

The Port of Helsinki achieved the highest scores in the evaluation. The Port of Dover ranked second, the Port of Rauma third (it was also the best of the so-called comprehensive network ports), the Port of Pori was fourth and the Port of Tallinn Fifth.

In Finland, the core network includes only the ports of HaminaKotka, Helsinki, Turku and Naantali, and the comprehensive network includes 12 ports.

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