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    Vessels are required to provide lists of their crew members, passengers and visitors to the Main Gate Info in compliance with the security regulations of Port of Rauma. The lists are to be emailed to: gate@botniaportservice.comEverybody leaving a vessel or going to one must report in the Main gate control room, unless they have a permanent access permit. They must show a valid ID when reporting. The Main Gate checks that the person’s name is given in the list provided by the vessel, and then issues an access permit to the person. Visitors have to be able to indicate the person they are going to visit. If no advance notification has been received, the vessel or the vessel’s agent is contacted. Entering the port through the gates without an access permit and without reporting at the Gate is against the law. Unauthorised visitors are reprimanded, and if necessary, reported to the authorities.


    Hot work permits for public areas in the port of Rauma are issued and controlled by Port of Rauma. Companies operating in the port area are responsible for granting permits for areas under their administration. Persons carrying out hot work on temporary hot work locations are required to hold a valid hot work card issued by the Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK) or a hot work card issued in some other Nordic country. If hot work is to be carried out in areas that involve an increased risk of fire or explosion, such as the storage field for flammable materials in the port, the Satakunta Rescue Services shall be contacted, tel. +358(0)2621 1500, before work is started. The port traffic supervisors can provide more information about the permits and where they can be obtained, tel. +358 (0)500 597 579.


    An advance notification shall be submitted of all diving operations and underwater work to be carried out in the water area of Port of Rauma. The advance notification shall be submitted at least 24 h prior to the start of the work. The vessel also needs to contact both West Coast VTS and the port traffic supervisors separately before the diving operation or work is started and after it has been completed.


    Fresh water can be supplied to vessels on a 24-hour basis according to the valid list of service charges. Orders for water need to be placed at least 12 hours in advance. Orders are to be made to the traffic supervisors (open 24 h): or tel. +358 (0)500 597 579.


    Photographing within the port area is only allowed with the permission of Port of Rauma. Please contact Esa Vuori, Harbour Master and Port Security Officer,, tel. +358 (0)50 303 9704.


    The waste collection points for waste from vessels are shown on this map (linkki tähän). Waste from vessels may only be taken to these waste collection points. If the waste containers are full, please contact the traffic supervisors, tel. +358 (0)500 597 579. Vessels found to have placed hazardous waste in containers provided for domestic waste or on some other location in the quay area, or found to have not sorted wastes correctly, are charged for the further processing of the waste (sorting, transport, disposal, etc.) according to the valid list of service charges of Port of Rauma.

    Ship-generated waste management (does not apply to vessels exempted by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi from the mandatory delivery of waste):

    According to regulations, all ships calling at Finnish ports shall before departure deliver their ship-generated waste and cargo residues to port reception facilities which under the MARPOL Convention and the 1992 Helsinki Convention must not be discharged into the Baltic Sea. 


    Upon arrival to a Finnish port, the vessel shall give the port notification of the waste generated by the ship and of cargo residues. The notification shall be given no later than 24 hours before arrival or, if the duration of the voyage is less than 24 hours, immediately upon departure from the previous port. If the port of call is known less than 24 hours before arrival, the notification shall be given as soon as the port of call is known. Mandatory notification does not apply to fishing vessels nor to recreational craft entitled to carry no more than 12 passengers.

    The provision on mandatory delivery of waste applies to the following types of waste:

    The provision does not apply to:


    Port of Rauma accepts the following sorted waste fractions: energy waste, metals, glass, and landfill waste.


    International catering waste refers to food waste from vessels arriving in Finland from outside the EU, as well as packaging material, wrapping paper, etc. that has been in contact with such food waste. This waste is to be delivered to the container for sorted landfill waste (class 1). 


    As a rule, the notification of ship-generated waste is to be submitted to the port supervisors by email or alternatively by telephone, tel. +358 (0)500 597 579.


    Hazardous waste will be collected from the vessels by prior order submitted to the port supervisors by telephone, tel. +358 (0)500 597 579.


    The master of the vessel shall ensure that no substances or waste contaminating the environment are discharged from the vessel. The master shall also ensure that the operation of the vessel does not cause unreasonable harm or inconvenience to other users of the Port. 

    If maintenance work is carried out on the vessel while in port, it must be ensured that the generated paint, rust, sandblasting, and similar residues and waste do not end up in the sea. The waste shall be delivered for disposal in accordance with the waste management regulations of Port of Rauma.

    It is the duty of the master of the vessel or the owner of the goods to immediately notify the port authority in case goods have fallen overboard or oil or any other pollutant has leaked in the water, and to take appropriate measures for their removal.