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  • Vessel traffic and transport connections

    Freight moves quickly from the Port of Rauma to all over the world.


    The port of Rauma can be accessed via Rihtniemi (12-metre deep draft channel, 14 nautical miles) and via Valkeakari (7,5-metre deep draft channel, 6,8 nautical miles). 

    The origin ports of the vessels calling into Rauma can be found from the list of vessels, as well as their owners, arrival and deparature dates and vesse classes. Observe that changes are possible.

    There are 18 weekly deparatures to European ports from Rauma and 5 monthly deparatures to the U.S. Container traffic to Europe and overseas is carried out via the large European ports such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Hamburg, and Bremerhaven. The active traffic from Rauma profit the businesses operating in the port as there is no need for long warehousing of the freight. See more info in the Container traffic and RoRo traffic maps.


    Main road no. 8 is an important channel for goods and passenger traffic, connecting the towns on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia from Turku via Rauma and Pori to Oulu and further to Tornio. The ports along the road account for about 40 % of import and export shipments in Finland.
    Main road no. 12 runs from Rauma to Kouvola, via Huittinen, Tampere and Lahti. A new connection from main road 12 to the port of Rauma was completed in 2008. The distance from Rauma to Turku is about 90 km, to Pori 45 km and to Tampere 140 km.


    The Rauma–Kokemäki railway that runs to the port of Rauma is part of the national rail network and with ca. 3 million tons of cargo every year, quite a busy route. The Rauma–Jämsänjokilaakso railway is one of the most important lines in Finland for freight transport, particularly for paper. The axle load rating of the tracks allows versatile transports for the needs of logistics and industries.


    All services as well as gate and security arrangements are smooth and swift in the port. The 24/7 operating principle ensures that cargo handling never stops in the port of Rauma.